Quality promise

HABOTEC’s understanding of quality is very simple: We only want the best for our customers, our employees and for the environment. However, we also know that despite very good planning, the quality of our work can only be as good as the person providing it. That’s why we assume responsibility for the wellbeing and further development of our employees and actively strive for a healthy, good and respectful working environment.


Every member of the HABOTEC team knows that satisfied customers are the key to a successful company. This is because a satisfied customer always returns, recommends the company to others and is a valuable multiplier. We take on this challenge anew every day and do everything we can to make sure construction projects run smoothly and to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.


With the introduction of a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001, we’re not merely able to promise the following quality principles, we can guarantee them.

Expert consulting of our customers
Clean and tidy appearance
Entitlement to flawlessly executed work
Keeping to confirmed appointments
Keeping to our cost estimates
Timely information in cases of unforeseeable deviations


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